Welcome to my Integrative Psychotherapy website!

Here I am going to talk about what I do, how I work, and what therapy might be able to offer you.

It is my belief that we can work together to find freedom for you in how you live your life, and express and share who you are. Together we can find positive and meaningful ways to create a life of health and wellbeing.

How we can find new ways forward and transform the things you wish to change?


There may be areas of your life where you don’t feel free to fully express yourself or act in ways that support you. This work offers you a confidential space to explore this, and to help you understand and explore the impact this might have on the choices you make.

You may feel a need to explore feelings that are not yet fully formed and which are out of reach, yet still have real impact on how you lead your life. Some of these feelings you may only be able to explore in the nurturing environment psychotherapy offers. My aim is to enable you to develop self-supporting approaches that give voice to unheard parts of yourself in new, progressive, and life-enhancing ways.

    • We can investigate different ways to foster freedom of choice, bringing a spirit of inquiry, and an attitude of care and love to how you relate to yourself and your life;
    • We can begin to notice some of the more rigid, or critical conclusions that you might be making about yourself and others;
    • We will begin to develop a self-caring approach that you can build into your life;
    • This is likely to include working through your patterns, and building an integrated understanding of situations, dynamics, and habits that might be occurring beyond your current awareness.


  • work at Fulcrum House, in a professional community of counselors, psychotherapists and complementary practitioners, where the therapeutic space is carefully nurtured, alongside a highly professional atmosphere that puts the client at the centre.
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