Testimonials for Regun Crum

Names have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of my clients.

Lars –  “When I arrived in psychotherapy I was told to come and I did not want to be here. Drugs and alcohol didn’t work. Nothing worked.  What did, and at times the only thing that kept me alive, was the therapy. I stayed, and I found myself again. And I found my life.”

Rosanna – “I came to therapy in a desperate state. I hated everything and everyone and hated myself the most. Without therapy, I could not have come this far.”

John – “I can’t believe I stayed in therapy this long! I have changed, I have got my mind back and I can sleep again! Now I can look at my worries and not get overwhelmed and know I will have good days and bad days, and I can manage these.”  

Stella –  “Therapy gives me a space where I can just let go, I don’t have to hold onto anything any more and I can just let go of how I am feeling. This helps me in the week, as I know, I can come here and just let go and that helps me get through the week. It helps even things out”

David – “I like coming here, I look forward to it in the week and it helps me as I don’t have to talk to my friends about my issues”