Psychotherapy for Women in Bristol

I have been working with women for many years, and the whole spectrum of women’s concerns, including women in crisis or those who have survived difficult life experiences. Women arrive in therapy at various significant stages in their lives, needing different therapeutic involvement. My work is dynamic in its nature, attending to what is needed for each woman at that particular time. I have worked with phobias and OCD thoughts and behaviours, depression, and suicidal/self-harming tendencies. I have worked with women who have suffered grief, loss and sudden bereavement, neglect, sexual and physical abuse and violence, or who suffer from social anxiety, shame, psychosis, and other mental health issues within the safety of a strong, well-held ethical framework.

  • Sessions are your space to bring what you feel is important right now, and you, as the expert on your life, are the one who leads the work. I will be with you in your journey to offer understanding, in a variety of ways, on what you wish to focus on. Together we will begin to explore what is meaningful to you and develop positive and empowering ways of transforming how you are in your life.