What I offer

In session: What this will look like

At times this work may feel intangible, and we will work together to find the words to articulate feelings and emotions that don’t seem to have a clear voice. I will be working with you slowly to help you safely express yourself in ways that feel comfortable to you. I will explore with you bringing new awareness and clarity to issues that affect you and others in your life.

  • We will meet for a free initial assessment to see whether we both feel right about working together. We will then take a few days to think it through before we confirm our agreement to work together.
  • If we decide to proceed, we will meet on a weekly basis, and schedule a six-week review, in which we can decide to make a further agreement to working together.
  • The duration of therapy is specific to you; we can take as long as you need to work through what you would like to.

Sessions are your confidential space, where you can bring how you are feeling, or what might feel unbearable in the context of your everyday life. They are your space to safely explore, in a non-judgmental way, what you might be thinking, what you are doing in your life, and how you might like to change.


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